my youngest geology students | Tibet 2006

The core tenet of my teaching philosophy is ‘experiential learning’. I strongly believe that students learn best by actively participating and that one of the most successful ways to achieve this is through fieldwork and practical classes.

Teaching Experience

John Abbott College CEGEP, Montreal Canada | 2017 – 2018

Lecturer and Course Co-ordinator

  • Earth System Science
  • Understanding Planet Earth

University of New England, NSW, Australia | 2012 – 2015

Unit coordinator

  • GEOL120: Geology and the Environment II
  • GEOL206: Field Mapping and Sedimentology
  • GEOL314: Geological Field Mapping  (capstone field mapping unit) 

Unit co-coordinator

  • GEOL209: Introductory Optical Mineralogy 

Additional teaching

  • GEOL110: Geology and the Environment I
  • GEOL208: Structural and Metamorphic Geology

University of Sydney, NSW, Australia | 2011 – 2012

Unit co-coordinator

  • GEOG2321: Fluvial and Groundwater Geomorphology